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Mooresville, North Carolina

Creative Impressions

Fabulous Glam
Creamy whites set the tone on large decorative project

This finish started with an aggregate plaster base, followed by installation of five 4-foot masking patterns that were filled with Pearl Lusterstone, along with shattered glass and glitter to give them sparkle. These patterns were then partially imbedded in more plaster. To add even more sparkle, we created a creamy metallic glaze using Lusterstone and Luna. Using Golden's molding paste, we then added a threedimensional leaflike pattern that flowed across the walls to give depth and movement; this was inspired by an artist from Sweden.

After creating a Top Job Award winning project in 2020, Diane Beard of Creative Impressions was presented with a new opportunity with the same clients. "The dust had barely settled on their 2020 home when new property became available. They sold their brand-new home to build the house of their dreams.

The bar was high, as Beard was determined to bring even more glam to the new house than she did to the old. Her client, a designer herself, was on board for the journey. “My client has incredible taste and design style,” said Beard. “She shows me pictures, and then we meet and go through my portfolio and create new and unique finishes just for her.”

To link the finish with the décor, they chose to use creamy whites throughout, creating subtle yet stunning backdrops.

This Parisian street scene was designed by my client’s granddaughter, who is a graphic designer. A custom Modello masking pattern was created for the entire wall, which took several days to apply, paint and then remove the masking. The crowning touch is the application of Swarovski crystals in the names of the shops on the street. The crystals glisten when you walk in the room — super sparkle!
The leopard in the foyer was created by placing a one-of-a-kind pattern by V-Mask Stencils on Roc-Lon cloth that was applied with wallpaper paste. background was created in a grass-cloth like effect. and leave out the rest of the sentence that says; where the profile of the leopard was masked off. The leopard was then completed using the same plaster, which was troweled on smoothly. The black dots were created using Venetian Gem plaster. The client named the leopard “Lady Di” after me!
The medallion offered another challenge, as many of the relief dots were damaged during shipping and installation. I repaired these with Golden Artist sculpting paste. The medallion was primed and painted. The architectural relief was then accented in antique gold paint.


Diane Beard, Cindy Bramhall

Key Products

  • Faux Effects plasters and specialty products
  • Nova color plaster
  • Golden Lifestyle finishes
  • Epoxy candy mica flakes and mica
  • V-Mask stencils
  • Modello Designs
  • Golden Molding Paste