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Clinton, Illinois

DJs Painting

Summertime Thriller
A historic building presents multiple challenges

The finished project involved repainting the exterior and re-staining the porch and steps.

The DeWitt County Museum in Clinton, Illinois, now well over a century old, was in need of some care and repair. Construction on this mansion began in the 1870s and continued for some time thereafter; however, it fell into disrepair over the decades following the owner’s death. It was restored in the 1960s and is currently on the National Register of Historic Places.

David Juarez, owner of D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling Inc., was called upon to finally give this building the love it deserves. “There were layers upon layers of paint,” he said. “Even after power washing, the entire house had to be meticulously hand scraped.”

While most projects present their share of challenges, this one turned into a summertime thriller. First, the deadline. The museum had to look presentable in time for its annual Apple n’ Pork Festival. “We focused our efforts on the two most visible sides of the house in time for the festival and made sure our supplies were moved and safely stored out of the way,” said Juarez.

Then there was the weather, as the rain and the cold were doing all in their power to keep the painters indoors. “We monitored the weather forecast very closely for months, and our team was very flexible and patient with the ever-changing weather conditions and schedules,” said Juarez. “We kept the same crew members on this project consistently to guarantee no miscommunication.”

Of course, what’s a historic paint job without a committee? Juarez chose to meet with members of the board in person so that any issues could be resolved quickly. “Although the jobsite was a 30-minute drive from our office, we did what best benefited our customer for the clearest communication and most trusting relationship,” he said.

Next, there was a lot of ornate, custom woodwork that was beyond repair, much of which was three stories high and had to be accessed with lifts. “Our master carpenters had to recreate wood elements for this home.

This included custom cutting all the siding, hand-chiseling more unique trims and reconstructing a large corbel,” said Juarez.

Then, just like with any thriller, the day before the festival, there was an accident and a concrete well cap got cracked. They brought in a contractor to fix it right away, and … welcome to the festival!

This project included included prepping and painting the siding and windows, then painting and staining the front porch.
This all had to be pressure washed and scraped before painting could begin.
The original conception; the clients then requested a darker version.


Brandon Walden, Cody Webb, Justin Conley, Brad Hedstrom, Edder Diaz

Key Products

  • Richard’s Exterior Slow-Dry Oil Primer
  • PPG Acri-Shield Max Exterior Latex Paint
  • PPG Sikkens Proluxe Transparent Stain