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Darien, Connecticut

European American Decorative Painting Ltd.

Big Blue
Glossy office makeover

This high gloss project creates a unique work environment and is a great reflection on this painting company!

Someone wanted their office painted blue. Very, very glossy blue. Peter Suciu, owner of European American Decorative Painting, was called upon to implement this unusual and interesting decorative idea. All the ceilings, wall, cabinets, windows, doors and shelving units were painted with a high-gloss finish in Van Deusen Blue, part of Benjamin Moore’s historic color collection. Initially, it was some tough going. “When we started, there were rough surfaces, uneven surfaces, nail holes, cracks in the corners and old windows,” said Suciu. “We ended up removing and reinstalling the doors of the cabinets and shelves.”

The prep had to be nothing short of spectacular, because such a high-gloss surface would show and reflect anything that went wrong. All the different imperfections had to be brought around to right. “We resurfaced the ceiling by applying skim coat, filled up the nail holes with a wood filler, and sanded and buffed the ceilings, walls and shelves. Next, we filled the cracks using the caulking and finally sprayed the high-gloss finish paint using a Kremlin spraying machine,” said Suciu.

Suciu took us through the process step by step:

  • The carpenter finished all the panels with medium-density fiberboard.

  • After resurfacing the entire ceiling by applying a skim coat we started filling up all the nail holes, then sanding all of the surfaces.

  • Next, we primed all of the surfaces with oil-based underbody tinted to Van Deusen Blue. We sprayed it using a Kremlin spraying machine.

  • After sanding the primer coat, we masked all the corners. This was a big challenge.

  • Then, we sprayed all the doors and shelves on both sides. The door racks were a big help.

  • Finally, we applied the highgloss finish. It looks amazing! The reflection from the ceiling to the walls is beautifully mirrored in any light.

FrogTape Delicate Surface Painter's Tape and brown masking paper were put in place to protect the ceiling from overspray after installing the high gloss finish.
Before the project, the office had a completely different atmosphere.
A bit of prep work before applying the final coat.


Peter Suciu, Kreshnik Isufaj

Key Products

  • Benjamin Moore Oil Underbody and Advance High-Gloss Finish
  • Sherwin-Williams SherMax Caulking
  • FrogTape Delicate Surface Painter's Tape
  • Brown masking paper