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Rapid City, South Dakota

Lamb Painting

A Monumental Task An arena project with product shortages and accelerated deadlines

Lamb Painting sealed all the concrete throughout the building.

The Summit Arena at The Monument, newly opened in Rapid City, South Dakota, last fall, already has a busy schedule. A minor league hockey team plays there, and the new arena’s 250,000 square feet will be home to Rodeo Rapid City, Black Hills Powwow, Lakota Nation Invitational, and many other gatherings and entertainment events. Lamb Painting, based in Spearfish, South Dakota, and serving several nearby cities, teamed up with another painting contractor to get it ready in time for opening day

They worked in several parts of the structure. On the fourth floor, the project included drywall walls, dryfall open structure, and hollow metal doors and frames. On the second floor, the crew went to work on columns, restrooms, vendor areas and clubs. Along with that, they sealed the concrete throughout the entire building. If there’s one thing any arena has plenty of, it’s concrete.

“Some of the challenges for this project included, of course, COVID-19, product supply and an accelerated schedule,” said company owner Cara Parsons. With supply chain issues, some of the products they needed, such as black dryfall, pre-catalyzed waterbased epoxy and dark flat Promar, were difficult to procure in a timely manner. But since there was a deadline to be met, the company made use of any available materials first, then worked quickly with what came in later than was originally scheduled.

“Coordinating with other trades was also a very important part of the process,” said Parsons. “Keeping people off floors that had been cleaned and/or sealed was tough, but we ended up with a wonderful finished product for the community to enjoy.”

The Summit Arena is ready for action.
Several trades were involved in the project
Along with the main seating area, the team painted clubs and bars such as this one


Steven Clyde, Francesco Scrima, Ace Kegler, Galen Goetz, Robert Howard

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 and 400, Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy, Pro Industrial DTM
  • TK concrete sealers