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Greensboro, North Carolina

National Coatings

Wellness Journey Product shortage and a compressed schedule can’t stop this company from getting the job done

The crew put a lot of effort into the prep.

You can see by this facility’s mission statement why a top notch paint job is a priority. “Cone Health MedCenter Greensboro at Drawbridge Parkway goes beyond the offerings of a medical office building; this re-imagined facility includes services and experiences designed to empower individuals to take an active role in their wellness journey,” states the website. The paint journey, however, had its share of headaches.

National Coatings was hired to install wall coverings as well as apply high performance interior and exterior coatings for the new construction at the hospital as well as the parking deck. The project was originally awarded in 2020 and set to begin at the end of that year, said project manager Borlyn Gomez, but thanks to a worldwide pandemic, production was postponed for two months to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Those 60 days took a toll; it put the painting crews on top of other trades they wouldn’t have had to work around otherwise, and during that time the product originally specified for the job was no longer available and new arrangements had to be made, fast.

Oh, and did we say new construction? What’s new construction without a grand opening ceremony, so the crew of ten had a deadline to meet, that hadn’t moved back to accommodate the production delay. They had to work fast but demonstrate extra patience at the same time while coatings were sourced during a product shortage. “ To complete this project on time, Sherwin-Williams had to find the product in other states and ship it to NC,” said Gomez. “Our schedule was compressed but still we were able to accomplish our goal and complete before their grand opening in January 2022.” The company is proud of how its team pulled together to get this job done in a much shorter time frame than was originally planned, and as you can see, this TOP JOB will help staff and patients feel much better as they go about their day.

The crew painting a wide variety of interior spaces.
Prep before painting.
The exterior of the Drawbridge facility.


Borlyn Gomez, project manager

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