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Dave Scaturro


You Can See It from the Plane
Transforming the Benjamin Moore warehouse

Warehouse upgrade in progress.

When you’re painting a Benjamin Moore facility, at least you know you won’t be dithering over brand selection. Alpine Painting, based on its previous success working with the paint manufacturer, was asked to paint a portion of the paint company’s Newark manufacturing facility. “We had done work for Benjamin Moore where we painted roof equipment: a large dust collector and ancillary steel dunnage. Some duct work that supported the interior had failed inspection and was showing signs of corrosion, so Benjamin Moore wanted to put a protective coating on all of it,” said Alpine co-owner Dave Scaturro. The outcome of that job, coupled with the good relationship they developed with the facility manager, brought them back for more. This project entailed painting the rear elevation, a massive wall that showcased the Benjamin Moore logo and was visible to the public from trains nearby and Newark Airport. This was important since the last thing a paint facility needs is for everyone to drive by and comment that it needs a paint job. “The building was overdue for a proper painting,” said Scaturro. “A previous flood had damaged the facility and because of the building’s age, the company had not invested in its upkeep and aesthetics, assuming they would be moving to a new location.” When the estimator arrived, he determined that the job required some serious prep. The building needed masonry work to seal up voids where concrete had spawned off. It needed extensive caulking, and the crew would have to remove a lot of loose and flaking paint before they could start on a fresh coat.


This New Jersey warehouse had seen several years of neglect.


Selfie on the job site.

building 1

Safe use of lifts and ladders was necessary to complete this job to satisfaction.

building 2

Windows were protected for the exterior spray job.

Phase one started with tackling the front visible areas of the property. “This part of the project involved masonry repair and then very directed color consultation,” said Scaturro. “Alpine provided renderings to make sure everything was in alignment with the specifications of the marketing team.” When it was time to paint, products were supplied by Benjamin Moore. The scope of the project increased over time, and Alpine ended up painting a much larger area than was originally planned.

In the end, Alpine’s work brought an old, run-down building back to life. The client agreed in a spectacular referral:

“The team at Alpine has done multiple jobs at our facility. They have transformed a 30-year-old rusty dust collector to looking brand new; they transformed an 80-year-old painted logo wall with oil paint to a shine that can be seen across the river. They also transformed our 100- year-old building by restoring the masonry, spending weeks on end prepping the wall and applying the top coat. They were meticulous and were able to change priorities as they arose. We will continue to use Alpine for future jobs!”

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