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Installing, then painting Lincrusta on two ceilings


The room prior to installation


Installation in progress.

L incrusta is a heavy, paintable wallcovering that needs an experienced hand to make it look seamless. To put it on a ceiling takes the skill of an expert like Michael Baughman. In this project, Baughman, along with installer Jonah Travisano, spent five days putting up the brand’s Elizabeth pattern, then coating it with a decorative finish. The pair installed seven rolls on two ceilings, one 16' by 16', the other 7' by 8.5'.


The crew paints the ceiling while protecting the walls and windows below.

First, they had to get the room ready. They removed the overhead ceiling fan and lights, to be replaced after the installation, and protected the wall edges with painter’s tape. They also laid a canvas dropcloth on the floors to protect them from primer, degreaser, adhesive and paint. After that, they sanded the ceilings to remove high spots in the drywall texture and applied a coat of primer.

opening 2

The finished project, with wallcovering installed and painted.

The next step was installing blank stock on the ceiling. “We installed 14 rolls of Cavalier wall liner using Roman Pro 774 Adhesive, which we allowed to dry overnight,” Baughman said.

They then put up the Lincrusta pattern, fitting it around the stone walls, outset wall, built-in cabinets and windows, taking special care to match up the panels, which would be especially important when the decorative finish was applied. “We applied the Lincrusta adhesive to the back of the wallcovering and trimmed it carefully after installation to protect side insets, side walls and floors,” he said. “As the wallcovering was installed, we cleaned it with damp microfiber towels and dried it with fresh, dry microfiber towels. Then a final cleaning of the fully installed Lincrusta wallcovering was done, followed by degreasing and cleaning again before each round of finishing,” Baughman explained.

After the Lincrusta was secured to the ceiling, it was time to paint; colors were selected by the wallcovering contractor to closely match the Lincrusta wallcovering site colorization; the team did a sample panel for the client’s approval before applying the design across the ceiling. “Space was tight for the painting work in the entry hallway area,” Baughman said. “We had to cover windows and built-in furnishing and walls in the entry and bedroom.”

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Key Products

  • Zinsser Gardz
  • Modern Masters
  • XIM UMA Primer
  • Roman Pro-774 Adhesive
  • Behr Dynasty
  • Boggess polycarbonate double cutting tape
  • Euni-tools
  • Advance pasting table