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Dave Scaturro


Full-Court Press
Painting an entire basketball arena


Cherry Coatings helped get the Longhorns' arena ready for game day

T his TOP JOB project has a bit of everything: big names, supply line shortages, tight deadlines, high-profile venue. Cherry Coatings, which recently made the list of the country’s 10 biggest painting companies, got the opportunity to put that size to good use in a huge project — the Moody Center at the University of Texas at Austin. The venue, home to the University of Texas Longhorns men’s and women’s basketball teams, opened in spring 2022 and has already cemented itself as a city staple, hosting artists including Willie Nelson and Harry Styles, with future dates for Janet Jackson, Kid Rock and Blink 182. The 530,000-square-foot facility is already booked for events through the end of 2023.

Cherry Coatings provided its highquality paint and flooring services throughout, navigating condensed schedules and product shortages. Well, you try explaining to 15,000 screaming fans why Harry Styles isn’t going to be able to show up because the paint’s not dry and you’ll understand how important meeting the deadlines became. And there was reason for concern, as raw material shortages caused by COVID-19 along with the Texas Freeze of 2021 Austin, Texas Full-Court Press Painting an entire basketball arena Cherry Coatings helped get the Longhorns' arena ready for game day. Ken Harris, Jorge Galvan, Sean Kennedy, Jose Martinez made things a little difficult. Cherry was put to the test — it’s a university, after all — and passed. And just like college students in a jam, they pulled some allnighters. With a peak of 80 painters working during the day and 40 at night, production moved along to achieve substantial completion in time for the grand opening. They painted the interior and the exterior as well as installed wallcovering and acoustical tiles


Painting in progress, the team saw to personal safety while protecting areas not to be painted


The concourse was painted with highly durable coatings to hold up to extensive foot traffic.

As you can imagine, there were a lot of products to coordinate and deliver to coat the various surfaces — even places most people don’t see. Kitchens, pantries and meeting rooms on up to the suites and clubs all needed painting or wallcovering. Substrates included drywall and urethane cement, for example, while the sealed and polished concrete in hightraffic areas had to have a durable coating, as it would be walked on by tens of thousands of people. "The project required a concerted effort from our painting and flooring teams to achieve the quality finishes worthy of the venue- and Austin," said Ken Harris, field manager.


The project included clubs and restaurants with a variety of substrates and materials that needed coating.

The crew can be proud of bringing to life an important venue in Austin’s music and sports industries — as Harry Styles sings in his song “Cherry,” I confess, I can tell that you are at your best. APC

Key Products

  • Sika
  • Accoustibilt
  • Stikwood
  • Sherwin-Williams