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Colorado Springs, Colorado



Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
Restoring a faded property in Colorado Springs

The finished project, painted and landscaped, blends well with the surrounding environment.

There are a lot of people to satisfy in an estate project, so you’ve got your work cut out for you as soon as you sign on that proverbial dotted line. Both the management company and the unit owners are going to want a nice-looking, updated building. And why shouldn’t they? It’s home!

The Star Ranch, a 24-year-old property down a lonely highway in Colorado Springs, Colorado, had already seen some better days, and it was the job of Wright Prime and Paint to bring those days back. With the word “Prime” in the company name, it was a good bet this was a company that takes prep seriously, and there was a lot of that to come. This project, says company owner Josh

Wright, included maintaining existing colors and coats; stripping, sanding, and staining all windows and doors; dealing with severe weather; and accessing hard-to-reach areas. Along with the main house — a seven-bed, nine-bath, 14,653-square-foot beauty — the job included a barn, doghouse, a gatehouse and even a pirate ship fort.

There was some bear damage — they’d found their way into the chicken coop — and on a smaller scale of nature coming home to roost, woodpeckers had drilled into the wood siding. Weather and time had damaged the coating, so there would be a lot of scraping, sanding and priming going on as well. There was more prep than initially met the eye, as the team found that many of the substrates needed more prep than they originally thought necessary.

Safety was paramount, so there was a lot of coordination using ladders, lifts and safety tools, and, of course, the weather


Another example of how the finished project blends into the landscape.


A long view of the outdoor patio.

The property presented many different surfaces to prep and coat.
A look at the property before the project.

— the rain, snow and high winds that come along with the beauty of the Colorado landscape — was on hand to throw a wrench into the game even when everything else was going right. On the plus side, the crew had the opportunity to take in some spectacular views as they got down to work.

Wright and crew made sure to work with the client as well as each other, responding to each challenge as it arose, or if possible, before. Often the success of the job depends on communication and the understanding that things might not go smoothly, and Wright had a plan in place not only to deal with challenges but also to let everyone in on how and when they’d be doing it:

  • We developed a detailed project plan that included contingencies for dealing with severe weather and hard-toreach areas.
  • We regularly inspected and monitored the progress of the work to identify and address any issues that may arise in a timely manner.
  • We communicated effectively with the customer to keep them informed of the progress of the work and address any concerns they may have in a timely manner.
  • We developed a backup plan in case of any unexpected events, such as equipment breakdown, inclement weather or any health issues among the team.
  • We maintained a clean and organized work site to minimize the risk of accidents and to ensure that the team can work efficiently

The level of attention to detail and commitment to quality, plus the beauty of the completed project, give this company a 2023 TOP JOB award. APC

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