County Gets Overspray Settlement One Year Later

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Nearly a full year after Hannibal Industrial Painting and Sandblasting repainting a Palmyra, Mo., water tower left 60 cars and numerous buildings covered in overspray, Marion County, Mo., has finally received a $12,014 insurance settlement that comes significantly closer than an initial offer to cover the costs of repairing the paint damage.

According to an article in the Hannibal Courier-Post, work conducted by Hannibal Industrial Painting on July 14, 2017, left county buildings and vehicles, as well as several private vehicles owned by county employees, damaged.

The Courier-Post reports that the $12,000 settlement was roughly three times what the county had been initially offered as a settlement by the insurance company providing coverage for Hannibal Industrial Painting.

Marion County reached out to its insurance company, GDC Insurance, to get full coverage for the damage. GDC ultimately obtained a bid from a Texas company specializing in overspray removal, which it used to calculate the proposed $17,014 insurance settlement (which includes the county’s $5,000 deductible).

For more information on overspray, read 3 Stages of Overspray Protection from APC Magazine.

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