PPG Refocuses Paintzen, Ceases Commercial Contracting

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In an October 5, 2018, letter to customers that APC Magazine obtained from several sources, PPG Vice President, Architectural Coatings, David Cole outlined changes being made to Paintzen’s commercial operations.

“At PPG, painting contractors are our customers and our top priority. We are highly committed to the success of your business, and as such, PPG has decided to refocus the Paintzen business,” Cole wrote. Effective immediately, the letter said:

1) Paintzen will no longer bid on new commercial jobs.

2) Paintzen will exit commercial and business-to-business sales.

3) Paintzen will honor existing contracts and commitments, and will work with these customers to transition future business to our loyal painting contractors.

PPG acquired Paintzen in January 2018 as a standalone business. In recent months, independent painting contractors around the country have voiced concerns that their supplier was becoming a competitor and a threat to labor sources through its support of the Paintzen e-commerce platform.

It seems those concerns have been heard. In a statement to APC, Cole said, “Since acquiring the business earlier this year, PPG has engaged with customers and has determined the most effective model for moving forward is one that focuses on serving consumers and does not service new commercial and business-to-business sales.

Cole added that Paintzen will continue to provide consumers instant quote generation, and the ability to purchase paint, supplies and painting services together online. For now, the Paintzen offering will be focused on consumers and on driving its platform as a digital differentiator.

“We will leverage the strong business-to-consumer model that Paintzen has built in order to develop truly differentiated digital solutions and services that will add tremendous value to the market,” Cole told APC. “PPG is committed to investing in technology to remain at the forefront of change as consumer behaviors evolve, and will utilize its Paintzen business to focus on providing consumers who need to paint their homes with an on-demand painting service platform.”

Some painting contractors are looking at Paintzen less as a competitor and more as inspiration for its forward-looking strategies to meet evolving consumer expectations. As todays’ well-known lead generation platforms face criticism from contractors, some painting contractors are looking to develop their own digital solutions to attract clients who want a streamlined online sales process.

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