Water Tower Typos

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Water towers have been in paint news lately — there are a lot of dangers associated with painting those structures but also a lot of weird happenings as well. Recently, as we reported, some hawks nesting in a water tower in Michigan divebombed the painters, forcing them to delay a project until the birds flew the coop. Recently, residents of Plover, Wisconsin were surprised then some painters labeled their water tower as the “Village of Plvoer.”

The fire department noticed it before it was even finished, sharing a photo of “Village of PLVO” on its social media, but the painters remained at the task, finishing up the whole city name before they realized they had to repaint. Many folks in the area shared photos on social media and had their fun at the expense of the error. The Plvoer Water Tower  even has its own Twitter account.

There were commemorative t-shirts made and even a small (and failed) movement to #KeepItPlvoer. The error was only around for a day before the it was corrected. City administrator Dan Mahoney reported that the painters accidentally reversed the stencils used for the letters before applying them around the tower and that the painters were “mortified” by the error. Everybody makes mistakes, so our sympathy lies with the painters!

This wasn’t the first water tower mishap in Wisconsin; back in 2017 the Village of Sussex hired some painters to repaint their tower, but after the first day’s work, the job was half complete, leaving passers by to wonder if they had arrived at the village of “Sex.” In that case, the painters reported that a venting issue forced them to stop in the middle of the job, but a village administrator stated he thought the contractor just left it up for laughs.

Many passersby honked their approval.






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