What Elite Painting Faced Using Flood Products—on Flood’s Home

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Every paint project brings its own unique challenges and pressure to do excellent work. But when you’re providing services for a homeowner whose family literally wrote the book on the product you’re using, it may seem there’s an extra level of pressure to get a good end result.

According to Lee Boiani, owner of Elite Painting and Wallpapering, “Working with Pete Flood and using products from a brand that his family launched 175 years ago was an honor.”

Boiani had been called in to help refinish Flood’s home in 2008, so he knew that when the call came to help on an exterior project, he’d be working with products he could trust to give his expecting client the results he wanted.

“Pete’s grandfather and his brother were contractors, so he’s had firsthand experience in this industry,” Boiani explains. “His grandfather actually invented PENETROL®, an additive that helps drive protection below wood surfaces, and Penetrol was a primary component in the CWF-UV product that was so instrumental to this project’s completion.” Flood was the fifth generation to have been in charge of the brand.

The recent project entailed refinishing the wood roof, siding and deck at Flood’s Rhode Island home. The house had withstood considerable wear and tear from the damaging coastal weather, which necessitated the update. “A large part of the remodel focused on staining the home’s shingles, which covered both the roof and siding,” Boiani says.  As one might expect, the contractor worked with a Flood product—in this case, the FLOOD® Pro Series line of products by PPG—which Boiani says was developed to withstand the wear and tear that is consistently present in the harsh coastal weather.

Given Flood’s expert insight into the products, and wood care in general, he played a big role in choosing colors and products. Products were carefully selected to withstand the weather.

“Because of the coastal climate in the region, newly applied paints and stains tend to wear off within a few years due to the water on the coast, which causes salt and humidity in the air,” Boiani says. “As we anticipated, there was some mold growing on the roof and some mildew growing on the shingles. Rough weather conditions such as frequent rain and snow can present challenges as well, but the best way to tackle these challenges presents is to find good products, like Flood Pro Series, which possess incredible durability.”

The painters pre-dipped all of the home’s shingles in Flood CWF-UV® exterior stain in the Cedar tone, put them up on the house’s roof and siding, and applied a second coat of CWF-UV stain. They then used two coats of CWF® Hardwoods on the deck. Boiani’s team, which included two other contractors, completed the project in sections over two weeks.

“When we began this project, we replicated several of the processes we utilized on the 2008 renovation, such as using two coats of wood finish on the home’s cedar shingles, so that we could preserve the home’s classic aesthetic,” Boiani says. “Since I had used Flood products on this same property during that remodel just eight years ago and had achieved great results, I felt very comfortable taking on this project and working with Pete again.”

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