Will Painters Vaccinate

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As much as crew leaders, business owners, and facility managers have tried to keep their workers safe during the pandemic, a recent survey of nearly 17,000 people employed in many different industries revealed that workers in the construction industry were among the least likely to seek out a vaccine. Just 53% of construction workers expressed willingness to get the vaccine, ranking 12th out of 15 industries, coming in slightly higher than retail, transportation and food and beverage workers.

In response, United Contractors (UCON), a California construction trade association, has launched an effort called “Roll Up Your Sleeves” in order to help construction workers better understand the need for vaccination as well as what to expect when it happens.

UCON believes that company leadership is the best way to effect change. “The most effective way to increase COVID-19 vaccinations is by sharing accurate information, helpful resources and a positive message,” says the organization. “Let your employees, clients and peers know you support COVID-19 vaccination as an important tool to stop the pandemic.” By supporting the vaccination efforts – and getting vaccinated yourself if you haven’t – you can encourage your crew to get their shot.

UCON also suggests that crew leaders and foremen, for example, empower their painters with accurate COVID-19 vaccination information. Frequent and transparent discussions with a trusted crew leader can help reluctant crew members understand that along with the current safety protocol, a vaccine is a critical tool to protect the painter as well as the rest of the team, their families, customers and others around them.

The website www.vaccinateconstruction.com has advice as well as printable information sheets – many developed by the CDC – that you can post in your shop, on social media, or email to your employees. For example, “FAQs about COVID-19 Vaccination in the Workplace: For Workers,” prepared by the CDC and available through this site, addresses the simpler but also the more complex questions about getting the vaccine, including religious issues, proof of vaccination, etc. A “Myth vs. Facts” page, designed to combat misinformation about the vaccine, is available in English and Spanish.

“Empowering your employees with accurate information, education, and resources is the most effective way to help increase vaccinations across the industry,” says the organization.

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A lot of people feel that healthcare is a private matter, and rightfully so. It makes no difference if you're a painter, a physician or a dog catcher. Covid-19 has been and is a most unprececdented and controversial disease. According to a physician I talked to, the complete lack of reliable data has made it impossible to know what course to take. This combined with the irresponsible politicians whose motto is " never let a good disaster go to waste", leaves the average, taxpaying citizens with nowhere to turn for truthful direction. My personal opinion is that most measures implemented to fight the spread of covid-19 seemed to make matters worse. Doesn't it seem foolish that there were orders to close churches and leave politically correct businesses open, liquor stores, pot retail, etc. Center for Disease Control just released these figures, at least 5800 known fully vaccinated people caught the covid-19 anyway, with no pattern. 74 have died, 7% were hospitalized. Am I anti-vaccinate? I did not say that but I am proud to be pro life. Do I believe that politicians care and know what is best for my health? No. What I do believe in doing is listening, learning and trying to determine what is best for me. My painters and associates are grown and capable of determining what is best for themselves as well.

Perfect response. Agreed 100%. How much do you want to bet that the "Roll up your sleeves" propaganda campaign was funded by the latest $1.9T taxpayer funded free-for-all?

You are 100% right in everything you said. People have surely lost their minds and any ability to think rationally. We are vaccinating at an incredible pace with something experimental that we do not know the long term effects of. Doctors are speaking out at an alarming rate. Is anyone listening? Bill Gates has not ever tried to hide the fact that mass depopulation is his agenda. As well as the criminals that meet in Davos each year. Who do you think is getting rich off of this “pandemic?”We are falling right into their hands. We are repeating history. Think Nazi Germany. All of this for a flu that has a 99% survival rate and plenty of therapeutics available. How about living a healthy lifestyle and letting your own immune system work the way God designed it to? I’m thinking that is too much work for many people. I could go on all day but I think you get the point.

Well said, and I agree with you!

I had COVID...it sucked. I don't want it again and proudly received my second vaccine shot last Thursday (and if they offered a third I'd take that too). With all due respect, not getting the vaccine is a selfish choice and puts others at risk (including possible your own family members, who may be more susceptible to more harmful effects of the virus). It's your choice as an American of free will, of course, but a selfish one none-the-less. Just the opinion of a gun-owning small business owner who votes right of center and wants nothing more than for this thing to be over so that I can go back to providing (even better) for my family and living the life I want to live.

Covid-19 is by and large over. Positive CASES are still reporting and rising (because we're testing at an incredible pace) but, the death rate form the virus (around .017%) is flat and falling. Unfortunately, the general population is still in the grips of fear stoked nightly by every news outlet and repeated daily in every newspaper. The reporting is an echo chamber of self interested parties and political opportunists glossing over good statistics or outright suppressing news and data of safe, proven therapeutics and prophylactics. In place of real reporting is the drum beat of "roll up your sleeve" to be injected with novel "vaccines" and / or Mrna substances, the long term effects of which are not well understood. The near maniacal push to vaccinate the world should be cause for pause in every independent mind. Covid-19 is FEAR and fear is CONTROL.

Perfect response. Agreed 100%. How much do you want to bet that the "Roll up your sleeves" propaganda campaign was funded by the latest $1.9T taxpayer funded free-for-all?

It makes you wonder why UCON would spend their own money on a campaign this large? Or is it in Fact that they received a large relief "loan" and are trying to now justify where the money went to support covid 19 related costs, so the loan can be forgiven? There is no way at this early stage to say weather these drugs are safe now or long term. How can one person who is in leadership tell with confidence their peers it is " roll up your sleeve " . I have no idea what it will do to your unborn baby "roll up your sleeve " I have no idea what it does if you have diabetes "roll up your sleeve " .

I think the vaccine makes a lot of sense for a lot of people, but I don't plan on getting it. > Neither me nor my wife are in any of the high risk categories > We don't know how long the vaccine will last (although we're starting to get some data) > We don't know how well it stops a person from spreading it to others > We don't know how well it will perform against the new variants (although, we're starting to get some data) > It doesn't mean our life returns to normalcy (and I'm not interested in showing anyone a vaccine passport to get into an event/business) > Just as with the virus itself, there is a wide variety of side effects being reported that don't seem to have any consistency or pattern to them I fully support the folks that choose to get it - especially those in high risk categories or occupations - but I'll wait for now and take my chances getting the actual virus.

The fact that we developed multiple safe and highly effective vaccines as quickly as we did...it's a huge success story. I got vaccinated, and nearly everyone I know has been vaccinated. Most painters will too. 70% of Americans report they have or will get the vaccination. Vaccine hesitancy is dropping every month. This economy will be running at full blast soon!

This whole campaign seems very interesting. What is the benefit to UCON for putting together a campaign so large? They must have received funding to put this on. If you want the truth about anything on this subject all you have to do is follow the money trail. Why would anyone in the healthy category get a vaccine for something with a mortality rate of over 96% for almost every age group. Plus, does it not concern anyone it has taken years and years to develop most of our other vaccines and yet we are going to trust this one year out of the gate? I will never dictate health related decisions to my 36 employees, but if they ask my opinon, this is it.

I don't understand why people that are low risk, are so anxious to get the vaccine. Once you get it, there's no undoing it. Let the high risk and scared people get it and see if there are any affects, hopefully there are no problems. There's no Science to something that is been in use 5 months and is considered experimental. This whole campaign is about Fear and Control. I am 61 and I have no intention of getting it. My 87 year old maskless Mother told me that she is too old to live in fear. NH Governor (Rep) lifted the mask mandate today. I would like to think it was because I wrote him nearly everyday, but I will take Freedom and Liberty anyway it comes.

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