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A Timeless Finish

A new custom formula for an old home in St. Louis.

15 April, 2021

Dining Room Complete
What’s for dinner? Old meets new with a timeless design.


If there’s one thing St. Louis has plenty of, it’s older homes in need of updating, and it was just such a home, located just across the Mississippi from St. Louis in Glen Carbon, Illinois, that was brought to the attention of the team at Classic Creations Painting. “The homeowners were looking for a more modern and timeless color scheme while still preserving the interior Tudor style of their home,” said company owner Beth Warneke. There were “only” 5,600 square feet she needed to cover, and the high-angular ceiling complemented by large wooden beams meant getting to it would be complicated. “The architecture in the main areas made the scaffolding setup tricky, and the limited maneuverability along with large open areas posed a unique challenge to a successful and seamless glazing application,” she said. 


Creativity was needed to access the interesting architecture and 20-foot ceilings.

After some advance planning, Warneke and project partner Lisa Lackey got up on the scaffold and got to glazing, with a goal of revitalizing the main living areas of the home and still keeping its old-time ambiance — putting the time into making it timeless. Like many faux-finish artists, Warneke put together a custom formula. “Using Faux Effects colorants mixed with satiny Design7Seven glaze [produced by a family-owned company in Texas], I specially prepared a soft and beautiful glaze to complement the stone floors, fireplace and existing furnishings,” she said. “The finish was applied over a cool Sherwin-Williams Pure White to help counteract the vintage dark, warm yellows from the previous remodel.” 

Living Room Finished
The subtle finish is designed so as not to overwhelm in this large space.

Turned out a little went a long way. “The finish was intentionally understated so as to not overwhelm with its vast coverage, yet it remained luxurious enough to accompany the elegant architecture of the older home,” said Warneke. With the color scheme of that dining room — the subtle wall color set off by the antique green — who wouldn’t want to stay for dinner? APC 

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