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Irresistible Estimate

Are you tired of discounting your prices and not getting paid what you're worth? Check out this guide from Contractor Growth Strategy on how to create the Irresistible Estimate! This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, structure, presentation and strategies that will make your…

Sales & Profit-Planning Tool for Contractors

Estimate Rocket is offering contractors a free WHAT IF Sales and Profit Planning Tool that provides fast formulas for sales-profit-capacity forecasting that quickly guides decisions for hiring, pricing, labor, material, marketing and advertising, and technology.   With specifically designed…

Key Financial Numbers for Painting Businesses

Want to get a solid understanding of your numbers, what they mean, and what to do about them? Register for FREE for Key Financials For Painting Businesses course. Take action to know your numbers and what they mean. Register now to get instant access!

How To Confidently Price Painting Projects

Pricing painting projects can be challenging and time-consuming for many painting contractors. If done incorrectly, you can lose tons of money on a project. Check out this step-by-step guide from PaintScout.

What is the Actual Cost of Missed Calls?

Do you know how much revenue you’re losing because of missed phone calls from prospective clients? 78% of new jobs go to the provider that answers first. Download this guide to calculate how much $$ you can reclaim by capturing missed leads and get a 2 week, no-strings-attached free trial of the…

Painting Contractors Guide to Doubling Sales is Now a Book!

Sales Consultant Carl Utter wrote the book on doubling your sales if you're a painting contractor. Now you can download two free chapters. A six step selling system that will crush the competition regardless of your price.

Complete Guide to Getting Google Reviews

When homeowners search for painting services in your area, will they find you? As part of your SEO strategy for local Google search, you need recent customer reviews. Get this free guide to learn how to get a Google Review link get more reviews, and manage negative Google reviews.

Guide to Doubling Sales

You should be able to charge premium pricing for premium work. In order to do that, you need customers who value high quality and great service. If you want to sell at the highest price possible check out these five sales strategies from Contractor Growth Strategy!

5-Step Process for Building a Winning Marketing Strategy

What is your strategy for winning in your market? If you haven’t built a customer-focused strategy, this framework from Pro Painter Websites will help you ask the right questions and take the right actions to propel your business to the next level.

Seven Steps to a Successful Software Implementation

One in three software projects attempted by companies fail, not because the software was the wrong choice or that it didn’t work for their company, but because companies failed to plan for a successful implementation. This doesn’t have to be your result. Check out these 7 Steps from Estimate…