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Personas: The Complainer

30 October, 2019

The Complainer
Age: 36

George does a decent enough job of painting, but it’s tough to assign him to a crew. You’ve got one supervisor and two technicians who have told you they just can’t take his negativity anymore. With George, the site’s always too hot, the customer is too demanding and the equipment problems are too much to handle. Somehow you’ve been able to look past it … until today, when you got the first calls from your customer’s neighbor demanding an explanation for the overspray covering their car. All signs point to George, yet he vehemently refuses to take responsibility for the mishap. How could you let this get so far?

This personality seems to thrive on negativity.

How he helps you:
Well, there’s a labor shortage and he is able to lift a paintbrush.

How you can help him:
Try to listen to George to see if you can get to the bottom of his concerns. Once you recognize those concerns can’t be addressed no matter how hard
you try, you can safely assume it’s not you, it’s him. Let him know the complaining must stop. Ultimately, you may find you’re helping everyone if you just let George go.

To get a regular paycheck while doing the bare minimum.

Team members who are always trying to pin problems on him. After all, it’s not his fault you’re always buying the cheapest equipment for your painters!


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