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Survey Reveals Leading Strategy to Attract New Painting Customers

9 May, 2019

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Don’t love the way you look on camera? Guilty of “queasy cam” camerawork? It’s time to get over it. Small painting contractors looking to win over new customers will find that video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available.

In its Small Business Video Marketing Report, video software supplier Animoto reports that 85% of small business brands surveyed had seen social media has gotten them a new client or customer. What’s more, 66% reported that video received more engagement (that’s likes, shares and/or comments) than any other form of content.

Painting being the highly visual service that it is, it just makes good sense to showcase your services via video. But there are lots of strategies to consider in highlighting your work and expertise. Consider, for example:

  • A clip showcasing tough jobs in progress, like this video posted by Amazon Painter, can establish your company as a problem-solver.
  • Talking tools and technique highlights you as someone with insider expertise that will bring value to a painting project a homeowner can’t achieve on their own, as in this video from The Idaho Painter
  • A conversation with the viewer can be the first step in putting a face to a business owner as someone relatable, trustworthy and professional, all critical in the trades, such as this video from Nick Slavik.
  • Commercials on what to expect from a painting contractor set the stage for the experience and level of quality you bring to a job, such as in this video from McKown Pressure Washing & Painting.  

So once you have filmed your video, what do you do with it?

Let’s head back to the Animoto survey for the answer: “Facebook is still the leading video advertising platform for small business brands, with 63% of respondents having paid to advertise a video on Facebook. But Instagram is starting to catch up, since 29% of our survey respondents have already started to put spend against Instagram marketing videos.

If you need a little further inspiration, Animoto also offers a Facebook group, the Social Video Marketing Community, as a way to connect with other small businesses using video on social media.

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