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Contractor Spotlight Beautiful Bathrooms

20 May, 2021

Welcome to the world of high-end custom homes and one-of-a-kind decorative finishes specially created to showcase the homeowners’ unique taste, history and style. Decorative and Faux Finishes is a high-end decorative finishing company out of Houston, Texas. Founded by power paint duo Cindy Howard and Dana DeBuck, the group has been bringing customers dreams to life for nearly 24 years. Their portfolio is extensive, and it is impressive.

Classic New Orleans Charm

The owners of this waterfront home are originally from New Orleans. They wanted to make sure that their new abode displayed classic New Orleans flavor. The exterior has large columns along with a wrap-around porch, and huge restored, old wood doors for the entries, but they wanted to ensure that the New Orleans character shone throughout the interior of the house as well. This bathroom is downstairs and near the entry, the bar and the den. The back wall displays a replica of the Cajun dictionary. Letters were applied with vinyl adhesive stencils.

As many decorative artisans have experienced, if specific steps are not followed with this type of stencil, it can quickly turn into a disaster.  “Pulling those stencils off can be a nightmare. If you’re not careful, it can pull the drywall down,” said Howard. The key for us is to prime the wall with Zinsser Gardz. That creates an effective bond that will make it easier to pull the stencils down later.” After the wall was primed, they started with the neutral color, Benjamin Moore Regal Select in Montgomery White in eggshell. Once that cured, it was time to lay out the stencils. “You only have one shot at this, so we always make sure that the person on this portion is someone who can be laser focused,” said DeBuck.

After the stencils were applied, it was time to lay down Benjamin Moore Regal Select in Chili Pepper. The paint was brushed around the edges and then rolled with small 4 to 6-inch Whizz rollers. Once this coat dried and the stencils were removed, the entire wall received a glaze with an umber tint to give it a warm, earthy feel.

The wall behind the sink was finished with Venetian plaster.  Using mylar stencils and a trowel, the crew embossed the plaster to look like alligator skin. Finally, it was finished with a layer of iridescent wax.

Diamonds and Crystals


This luxurious home has something beautiful and inspiring in every room, and the bathroom is no different. The homeowners wanted something memorable, but they also had high school kids at home, so they wanted it to be appreciated by all age groups. This billowing diamond design in Regal Select Sear Urchin 1052 highlighted with Linen White and shadowed with Sherwood Tan was appealing to all and complemented the fixtures and lighting in the room.

The most challenging part was laying out the diamond pattern. The designer wanted the sconces to land in a specific place in each of the diamonds. This gave the crew a starting point and they let the design flow out from there. A lot of math goes into placing the diamonds, and some artistic license was needed in areas where corners and angles required a deviation from the mathematical plan. With all the diamonds completed, each tip was finished with a bezel-set crystal that was tapped into the wall with a special hammer and then secured with a bit of adhesive.

The room was finished off with Benjamin Moore Pearlescent Glaze on the ceiling. “I love the Pearlescent Glaze. We have used that on walls that are close to the eye and ceilings that are far away, and people always fall in love with it,” said Howard.

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