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Philanthropic Job of the Week: Martin Auto Museum

6 April, 2021

Every year at APC we hear incredible stories of how painting companies gives back to their communities. From nonprofit theaters to families in need, painters have always been willing to donate their time and lend a hand to add a little color into someone's life. With that in mind, APC is announcing the Philanthropic Job of the Week. Each week we will celebrate one company by telling their story of giving. Have a story of your own? Enter it here!
Brassberry Painting is a woman-owned business in Phoenix, Arizona. Frequent winners of TOP JOB for their excellent painting work, this team has always been first in line when someone needed a hand. Martin Auto Museum is a non-profit founded in 2005 to preserve and show antique, collectible and rare automobiles. One of the important goals of this non profit is to "educate the next generation on the important role that cars have played throughout the history of our country and the world." The founder, Mel Martin, spent his life as a mechanic and car enthusiast could be no better teacher and inspiration to students. Recently Martin decided to move to a larger location and include a mechanic school for teens. Of course, the new building will need a bit of sprucing up! He reached out to Brassberry Painting for a quote. "Our original paint bid was approximately  $50,000 for the exterior," said Nick Brassfield. But upon learning about the new school, they wanted to see if there was more they could do to make a donation of their own. "We decided to change this to as much of a community service project as Brassberrys could afford." The team was able to offer 50% savings on labor and was even able to get 300 gallons of premium exterior paint donated from Dunn Edwards and sundries donated from 3M.
The project is currently underway and hoped to be finished in time for Martin's 91st birthday in June.  

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