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Contractor Paints Over Wrong Mural

Spilled paint, ding some furniture, paint the wrong wall the wrong color…it happens. And it sure happened in North Carolina when a painting contractor painted over the wrong mural. Doh!

14 April, 2022

NoDa Mural Covered Up

The NoDa historic and arts district in Charlotte, North Carolina is known for its many murals; one of the most popular was painted by local artist Osiris Rain. Originally commissioned to paint a Stella Artios ad on the side of a building, when that ad’s run was over, Rain offered to paint a new mural over it for free. Charlotte news outlets WBTV and Fox 46 reported on a mishap that had many in this city scratching their heads.

For six years, passersby enjoyed the lotus-themed mural until one day last month they noticed it was quickly being hidden under a coat of red paint. People called Rain frantically, who then called one of the merchants in the building. By the time that merchant went out to check, the mural had been completely obliterated.

Turns out the paint contractor was hired to paint over a mural, just not that one — a communication error between the mural company and the painting company led to the mistake, as it was another mural on the same building that was destined for a cover-up. Citizens expressed their dismay, as it was one of the most popular murals in the area. Someone scrawl-painted “Nice mural, it would be a shame if someone painted over it,” over the blotchy-looking red.

The artist as well is upset, as his work is now lost to the ages, and he reported feeling physically ill when he first heard the news. But he’s trying to look at a bright side, although, as the local news channel reports, he’s having trouble seeing a “silver lining” at this point. He’s being commissioned to repaint that wall and will keep the same lotus design as the previous mural. While some people are asking to have the old piece repainted, Rain feels it’s time to move on and put up a mural that’s reflective of the current neighborhood culture.

John One Mural Vandalized

Couple confuses graffiti mural for "participatory art"

ABC News reported that a young couple’s misconception about a piece of graffiti art led to the defacement of a piece valued at nearly half a million dollars. A large painting, nearly 23 by 8 feet, by American artist JonOne, was showcased in a South Korean museum, and due to its size, was the only piece in the exhibit without a frame. The artist had laid sets of paint and brushes in front of the piece as part of the work, but a young couple visiting the exhibit mistook it for an invitation to contribute. They dipped the brushes in the paint and added a few strokes of their own.

While no one seemed to notice this when it happened, later on museum staff noticed some extra green brush strokes on the painting and checked the security cameras. While the couple was brought in by the police for questioning, it seems they had no ill intent, and work is being done to restore the painting to its original look. The artist himself said he believes this was unintentional and is hoping nothing happens to the couple. He also explained that the paint and brushes near the mural were part of the exhibit to highlight the history of his work.

If nothing else, the report of this mishap has sent many more visitors to the museum, which is now providing guidelines to help understand how to view the artwork. 

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