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HomeAdvisor Expands Digital Platforms

4 November, 2019

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HomeAdvisor announced their first home services capsule on Samsung’s Bixby Marketplace, the one-stop shop for Samsung users to browse and add services to their Bixby experience. For those non-Samsung users out there, what’s a Bixby Experience? Well, it’s Samsung’s artificially intelligent assistant, similar to Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. With Bixby, users are able to send messages, compose emails… pretty much anything you can do by hand you can do via voice command with Bixby. In July, Samsung announced the arrival of Bixby Marketplace, complete with a host of “capsules,” which are designed to tailor Bixby to their needs.

The HomeAdvisor capsule uses Natural Language Categories to connect users with available pros from the HomeAdvisor network. So now, homeowners can ask Bixby “Help me find an interior painter for my house” to be connected with pro’s. The new capsule promotes the ability “leap frog” that initial list of questions, “where are you,” “what service are you looking for” to save the customer time. There are still a few additional questions the user needs to answer before being put in touch with a pro, but it’s fewer than what has been required in the past.

"Our new integration with Samsung's Bixby enables consumers to easily access HomeAdvisor's network of hundreds of thousands of home pros, streamlining the process of getting help for their home projects. From painting a room to fixing a leak or even to a full bathroom renovation, HomeAdvisor through Bixby can help no matter where you are or what you need. We are excited to launch the HomeAdvisor capsule in Samsung's Bixby Marketplace," said Brandon Ridenour, CEO, ANGI Homeservices

This announcement comes on the heels of HomeAdvisor's announcement of RealVitalize in partnership with Realogy, a program built to connect home sellers with home improvement resources and it’s integration with Nextdoor, a social network for neighborhoods.

Do you have any experience with the new platforms offering HomeAdvisor? Email us at

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