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APC Paint Tool Bracket

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13 August, 2021


2-Seed Tape Wins Paint Tool Bracket!


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Finals Tool Bracket

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Tiny Tape shocks the world and beats the field to win the first-ever APC Paint Tool Bracket. The #2 seeded Tape easily defeated fellow #2 seed Caulk Gun in the Final, 69%-31%. Along the way, Tape took down two 1-seeds, beating Airless and Extension Pole in the semi-finals and quarter-finals. (Check out the bracket here for all the scores and highlights.)

When the Bracket opened early favorites included 1 seeds Airless and 5-in-1, and even 3-seed Smart Phone drew a ton of fans. But Tape stuck to its game plan, adhered to its fundamentals and pulled away with a clean victory.

The newly minted Champion was anything but modest after its victory: “No one believed in me. That fuels me. I work hard. I work angry. In the final, I stared down the barrel of Caulk Gun. I told him ‘You feel lucky, punk?’ He didn’t...he shot blanks,” said Tape.

Now what? Well, Tape will make the rounds on the late night talk shows and then gets back to work. Meanwhile, APC is also back at work, securing funding and a venue for likely the next showdown -- the Brush Bracket. Stay tuned!

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