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PPG sells Paintzen, PPG Paint Services

8 March, 2023

Arch Painting, a national paint contracting firm based in Massachusetts, has recently acquired PPG Paint Services including Paintzen from PPG, putting both platforms in the hands of a painting contractor rather than a paint manufacturer. Arch Painting was founded in 1997 by owner and president Joey Giacalone and provides commercial and residential painting on a national scale.

Paintzen was created in 2013 as an electronic platform for homeowners to get bids and hire contractors online, and to simplify the process from a customer perspective. It offers a variety of services: interior and exterior painting, cabinet painting, custom projects, and color selection help to name a few. While contractors could be involved in Paintzen independently, PPG Services, previously headed up by the paint company itself, was designed to hire and pay contractors through this platform, meaning essentially that painters would be subcontractors for PPG. Contractors were expected to present themselves as representing PPG rather than their own company.

PPG Services, said PPG spokespeople at the time, was not designed to provide full time work, but to supplement a contractor’s income by providing jobs that they might not get otherwise. Some contractors enjoyed the opportunity to get work without having to do the marketing and outreach, but others felt that this put them in direct competition with their paint supplier, which could now bid jobs at a lower cost since they didn’t have to purchase the paint. This led to an IUPAT-sponsored boycott of PPG brands and many other contractors refusing to use PPG products.

PPG comments on the acquisition
By selling these platforms, PPG states, the company is refocusing on its manufacturing side and is no longer serving as a subcontractor. Courtney Jungjohann Deemer, general manager, U.S. Stores and The Home Depot organization, for PPG’s Architectural Coatings business in the U.S. and Canada answered our questions.

What message do you have for contractors involved in working with PPG services, and who enjoyed the opportunity? (and who might be upset about losing the work)
Like PPG, Arch Painting, Inc. is committed to providing exceptional customer service, delivery and more. They have assumed all standing PPG Services contractor relationships and will work hard to retain their business as they continue to work together.

Does PPG have any intention of getting involved with this kind of thing in the future, or will the company concentrate solely on manufacturing and selling its products?
PPG will continue to focus on dedicating resources to drive profitable volume growth with national retailers, further investing in digital capabilities, and continuing to leverage an omni-channel fulfillment model to best serve Pro and DIY customers.

Does PPG have any thoughts about the overall success of the project? 
We’re unable to provide specific details about our business at that level.

Any other comments PPG would like to share with pro painters regarding the decision to move away from Paintzen and PPG Services?
As trusted partner of the pro painter, PPG knows our customers need the right product, at the right place, at the right time. With our optimized service model PPG PROFIRST, we have made it easier than ever to do business with PPG. We have addressed all of our pro partners’ challenges and concerns head-on with optimized convenience, expertise and solutions (such as ability to order paint anytime, anywhere 24/7, and onsite delivery so they never need to leave the jobsite).

At a high level, pro painters can expect PPG to continue to elevate our levels of collaboration, bringing them innovative, sustainable and differentiated products and solutions. This will enable them to improve their productivity and growth and allow us to improve our own organic growth performance.

APC has reached out to Arch Painting for comments as to its plans for the platforms and will report on their response as soon as it’s available.

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