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Family Legacy

Jessica Gustafson follows in the footsteps of her mother…

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A Painter and a Boy's Lost Wallet

This painter returned a wallet to a little boy

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TOP JOB 2024 is LIVE!


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Risks of Hiring Teens

A recent bust shows how expensive it can be

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Punishment Fits the Crime for On-Air Violator of RRP Rules

A creative judge might sentence someone who steals catalytic converters to provide free car repair…


Corrie Leister's Growth Path

If you're intrigued by cabinet coatings or social media marketing or business growth, this is the…


Rodda Paint Acquires Valley Paint

Rodda Paint, the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Northwest, has acquired Valley…


Italian, Mineral-Based Paints for Contractors

Have you heard of Romabio Paints yet? Hear contractors Nicholas Jordan and Ever Morales discuss these Italian mineral-based paints, interior & exterior lime washes, breathable exterior masonry coatings, venetian glaze, lime slurry…products used in Europe for hundreds of years. Sponsored by Romabio Paints

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Operations at 40+ Employees

Our Operating series continues with a fascinating discussion about running a business with 40+ employees. Management structure, guiding growth, the role of family...tremendous insights from Craig Bundren, Gina Koert, and Ian Siegner.

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Marketing Ideas for Larger Contractors

Here's 2 of the 62 ideas in this podcast: Contractors should strongly consider hiring a marketing agency when they reach $500k. Your return on ad spend should be 20x-30x. That's a tasty sample of Andrew's discussion with Austin Houser of Base Coat Marketing! Sponsored by Hyde and Behr

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Painting Contractors Share "What I Wish I Learned Earlier"

There's no substitute for experience...except, perhaps, this video. APC asked savvy painting contractors what advice they would give their younger selves. What lessons do they wish they learned earlier?

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Italian Mineral-Based Paints for Contractors


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Customer Reviews How to get them & leverage them FrogTape

Nothing influences a homeowner's choice of a painting contractor more than online reviews. Not their website. Not their social media. Not even personal recommendations from friends or family. This video examines both sides of the online review equation: how to get them, and how to leverage them.

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Painting Contractors Guide to Doubling Sales is Now a Book!

Sales Consultant Carl Utter wrote the book on doubling your sales if you're a painting contractor. Now you can download two free chapters. A six step selling system that will crush the competition regardless of your price.

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Tool of the Week

Purdy has added three new brushes to its Cub Brush line. The shorter handle allows painters to easily reach tight spaces when cutting in corners, painting cabinets and shelving, and doing trim work.

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APC is the Official Partner of the PCA

Learn more about how this industry association can


Current Issue

Covering application techniques, new products, business techniques and news, APC is the trusted tool


Video of the Week

Prep2Finish's Todd Pudvar and Scott Burt cover the best practices for spraying latex on interior doors.

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Podcast of the Week

Here’s the refresher you need before hiring and onboarding a new employee. Job description, apprenticeship checklist, 7- 30- and 90-day reviews, EIN, W-4, I-9…everything you need to protect new hires from becoming flashes in the pan.

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