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Paint Contractor: Local Hero

16 March, 2021

You just never know when all your years of OSHA training will be put to the test. Recently Dan Flaherty, Director of Field Operations at W.T. Kenney, Inc of Arlington, Massachusetts, was thrust into a life-saving situation. Having just parked at a Sudbury, Massachusetts coffee shop, Dan was confronted with a man running out of the building, bleeding profusely. A contractor working inside had accidentally run a tile knife deep into his artery and was bleeding out.

Without hesitation, Dan grabbed a lanyard from his van and made a slip knot tourniquet. The man could no longer stand and had passed out, and Flaherty, through squeezing the tourniquet tightly and supporting the victim’s weight, lost feeling in both of his arms. The victim was transported to a level one trauma center with life-threatening injuries.

Once the ambulance arrived Dan left to wash up and change his clothes. No one knew who the Good Samaritan was until he was tracked down through Facebook inquiries. Public safety personnel attributed Dan’s quick thinking with saving the man’s life. He received calls of appreciation from both the Town Manager and the Chief of Police.

Nice job Dan!

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