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Another Growth Year for Painting?

3 March, 2022

PPG Contractor Outlook


Are things looking up for pro painters? PPG says things are moving forward from here, and the company has made some changes to allow pro painters to take advantage of this trend. This is on the heels of a company decision to move some products exclusively into the independent dealer channel — this spring, PPG’s Manor Hall and Ultra-Hide sub-brands will join Weather King and Wonder-Tones as dealer-exclusive product lines. “The expansion is a result of the innovative approach PPG is taking to servicing Pro customers – a segment that is poised for growth in 2022,” says the company.

APC had a conversation with Todd Gatesy, general manager, U.S. dealer and retail, PPG’s Architectural Coatings business, who explained what we might be able to expect from here.

APC: What factors point to a growth in business for pro painters?

Todd Gatesy: According to research from Trade Equity Data Analysis, the Pro segment of the consumer market was valued at about $9B in 2020 and expected to grow by about 3% annually over the next three years, beginning in 2022. The expected growth is driven by several factors, including the increasing return to pre-pandemic lifestyles among consumers and rising home equity that is driving the “do it for me” market over “do it yourself,” and pent-up demand causing growing backlogs.

The paint industry, like many others, has reached a pivotal moment amidst the pandemic where customers are becoming increasingly comfortable with – and are beginning to expect – sophisticated digital tools, including easy-to-navigate e-commerce experiences and seamless pick-up and delivery options. We are focused on providing our customers the same seamless experience that they have come to expect in their personal lives for their business.

PPG is delivering an unmatched Pro experience that benefits our customers. Together, we’ve listened and acknowledged the need for increased efficiency for accessing and purchasing our products.

In addition to the benefits this new exclusive line-up offers to dealers, it also benefits the Pro in bringing PPG’s 135+ years of industry-leading expertise and product knowledge to more locations, therefore offering more value and convenience to the Pro painter. Manor Hall is a quality brand with legacy expertise and service, so it marries well with the independent dealer channel that also prides itself in service and expertise.

PPG Prediction for Contractors

APC: Breaking it down, how might this help a smaller business (say 2-3 painters) as well as a longer one with say 30-40?

Todd Gatesy: The dealer-exclusive product lineup is broad. With solutions for all jobs, the independent dealer channel can help any Pro succeed in their business. With this new line-up, we’re bringing a national brand and exclusive products to dealers’ stores. This is a move that enables independent dealers to serve customers with their own unique product line.

Contractors will still have access to non-exclusive sub-brands through dealers who choose to carry them, for example, Speedhide, Break-Through!, Copper Armor, and UltraLast.

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