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Painter Personas

30 October, 2019

How are you motivating these six employee types?

Troubleshooting a paint problem may seem much simpler than troubleshooting a personnel problem; but, as with paint, there are tried tricks you can use to get the results you want. When it comes to motivating your employees to achieve the behaviors you want to see, you have to think like those painters. Art Snarzyk, founder of InnerView Advisors and a business management consultant in St. Peters, Mo., will tell you, “Motivation is an individual thing. If you ask somebody, ‘If you ran into $500 or wound up with an extra Saturday this weekend, what would you do with it,’ you’ll get an answer into how they’re motivated.”

Motivation is deeply personal, but you can start to build some strategies by looking at a few potential motivators. One strategy that works for marketing and HR teams is to think in terms of personas. Personas are fictional yet realistic “characters” that are created to represent a certain type of user or, in your case, employee. Creating these personas can help get you and your supervisors thinking more deeply about why your employees do the things they do and how to keep them happy. APC

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