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What do people say about advertising with APC? 

It is difficult sometimes to know that your advertising money is really working - but we saw definitive proof when we ran an ad in the 2019 Hiring Guide. We had orders coming in the DAY that magazine published this issue.  It was amazing.  APC's vast readership really does take the time to utilize the information shared in this publication - we experienced it first hand!
– Chrystene Speed, Mr. Speeds Painting Tools

Facebook advertising through APC allowed us to reach our exact target audience of professional paint contractors with the added benefit of our message coming from this credible trade industry resource. This resulted in our campaigns garnering higher than average results as well as positive engagements among the audience. The APC team deeply understands their audience and brings their expertise to the table throughout campaign planning to ensure success. Always a pleasure to partner with!
– Catie Elder, Shurtech

The Hyde Group has been using the APC Pro Club for over a year now to gather Voice of Customer information on new products and concepts for the professional Painter, Remodeler, and Maintenance & Repair professionals. The program gets directly to the target consumers. It allows us to get real life and real time information back from job sites and allow us to have phone or email conversations with the consumers to get rich actionable information back and to follow up with changes to the concepts to the same consumers. This ensures that we heard the feedback and needs correctly and will deliver the features and value that the professionals are asking for. We have found value in all stages of the Product Development process, from ideation to final check before product production begins. The information that we have learned has allowed us to feel more comfortable about the product we are launching, with better insight into sales levels, advertising spend, and marketing messaging. We are more efficient and waste fewer resources than before we started using the APC Pro Club.
– Corey Talbot, Hyde Tools

Hey Thanks APC. We really enjoyed doing a podcast with your team, and we have received a lot of feedback from your listeners wanting more information regarding our product.

- Brian Barry, Aqua Coat

As a second generation painter APC is in my blood for 40 plus years! Love the articles and the information provided and the GREAT editor that keeps it the best Painters publication period.

- Mike Mariglia, Buena Vista Construction Company

APC has always been a professional asset for our business. I appreciate APC as much today as I did when I received my first copy in 1975.

- Joel Wells, Joel Wells Painting Company

My favorite read! Love the information and seeing so many contractors who are the best in the industry. A must have for anyone in the trade!

- Joel Hamburg, Joel Hamburg Painting

Hands down the greatest paint magazine out there! Fresh new content all the time and so much useful information jammed pack in each issue!! Did I mention it’s FREE!!

- Jeremy Bramlett, Premier Painting Services

I can't tell you how important the APC Magazine is for me. I drop them off when I meet new clients, and we are in discussion of their project. I let them know this is my connection to staying current with the painting industry. 

- Steve Adickes, Adix Painting

Thank you, American Painting Contractor for again spotlighting our entry into the Top Jobs Awards. I encourage all painting contractors to support the APC and yes... the American Painting Contractors Top Job Awards have played a major part in our success in the industry. You are appreciated!!!

- Rik Lazenby, Lazenby Decortive Arts Studio








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