Contractor Tantrum Goes Viral

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It’s great when videos of your work go viral – but one painter racked up over 140,000 views of some less than stellar behavior when a disgruntled customer posted a video of a disagreement they had about cabinet work.

The video shows the initial consultation and the customer’s returning to find that the work wasn’t done as agreed to. The ending – infuriating to both parties – shows the contractor leaving the work unfinished, deposit in tow, never to return.

The initial agreement was over prep work; as the contractor and client both agreed that some kitchen cabinets needed sanding prior to painting. When the work began, the client saw that they were painting directly over the cabinets. The video shows the interaction from there, ending with the painter taking he crew and equipment out to the truck.

The painter’s rebuttal, posted in an online article, is that it wasn’t he who was problematic, but that the customer was badgering him and asking him too many questions. He also accused the customer of setting him up – plotting to make him look bad to steer more business to a friend or relative. The customer responded that if he had a relative who was a painter, he’d have had the relative come paint to begin with. Finally, said the painter, he didn’t need to sand the cabinets because he was using a superior quality primer.

Of the 140,000 viewers, most respondents to the video took the side of the customer, because unfortunately most homeowners have “contractor stories.” Painters weighing in agreed though, that sanding is an important part of cabinet painting and should have been done, especially if it was discussed at the outset. Other viewers noticed the painter and crew had not removed the doors prior to painting, did not put down a drop cloth, and were not using PPE – even though they said they were using oil primer.

In an update to the Youtube video, the homeowner noted that another painter in the area, Chromology Canada, has offered to refinish the cabinets for free. A video of the final product is also tagged in the update made on the original Youtube video. Link to the video can be found here and below...

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