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Contractor Spotlight: Modern Elegance

5 May, 2021

Elegant room

European American Decorative Paint Ltd. Is owned by Peter Suciu and has served local Northeasterners with beautiful painting craftsmanship since 1987. Suciu learned the art of painting in Romania in 1975 and now teaches a whole new generation of painters the value of quality, craftsmanship and professionalism.  

This home is an excellent example of the care and attention to detail expected in the high-end painting world. Covered in wallpaper, the homeowner decided that it was time for a more modern look and went to European American Decorative Paint Ltd. to transform the room. Suciu worked closely with the homeowner to come up with the gray and white color scheme to bring it in to the 21st century while retaining its grand history.

Once the color scheme was decided, it was time to assess the jobsite itself. In addition to the intrinsic difficulties that come with removing wallpaper and prepping for paint, the living room was unique in its size and design. The room spanned more than 24x44 feet and 12 feet high. It was adorned with ornaments, wide crown molding and a unique custom trim design on the ceiling. A project with this elegance and intricacy could only be trusted to a pro with 45 years of industry experience.

The team first took incredible care to remove breakable items, furniture and expensive curtains and store them safely outside the room. Care for the customer's home and belongings are of the utmost importance. After that it was time remove the wallpaper. This was a challenging and time-consuming process. The team used DIF and water to carefully remove the wallpaper without leaving anything behind but not damaging the substrate below. 

All trim, 14-inch crown moldings, ornaments window frames, French doors, chair rail, arch door frames and base board where then primed and sprayed with Benjamin Moore Advance White Dove in a Satin Finish.

The ceilings were partially skim coated, caulked, primed, and finally painted with White Dove Regal Select in a flat finish. The walls were prepped, primed and painted using Regal Select Matte Color Revere Pewter 50% Formula.

Once the painting was complete, the team got to work meticulously cleaning the room. They replaced and arranged all the furniture back to its position and hung the pictures and the mirrors. The homeowner could not have been more thrilled with the transformation.

“For European and American Decorative Painting Ltd painting was a privilege and an honor,” said Suciu.


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