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COVID-19 Survey Week 6

30 April, 2020

Covid week 6 results

Not surprisingly, Week 6 of APC’s COVID Survey revealed a continued decline in painting operations. But contractor respondents remain confident that business will return closer to normal, sooner than later. We’ll call that cautious optimism. The data for this report was collected from April 23-29.

Thanks to readers like you completing our survey, we’re able to report where contractors are finding work. You’re also providing valuable insight on changing work practices and buying habits. So keep it up! Complete our new survey here.

For a third week, school work is the painting contractor’s favorite subject, continuing to be respondents’ top-performing sector. Healthcare and New Construction Commercial follow closely behind, with 51% and 50% of respondents reporting no change or even an increase in work. These were also the only two sectors to receive higher rankings from last week – perhaps these sectors are beginning to regain their bearings and start work.

Entertainment and Multi-Family Interior work dropped significantly from last week, with the latter displacing Residential Interior as the lowest performing sector.


Sector  Increase/No Change  Decrease
School Jobs  52% 48%
Healthcare Jobs 51% 49%
New Construction Comm.  50% 50%
Gov’t Jobs  48% 52%
New Construction Resid  45% 55%
Entertainment Jobs 42% 58%
Other Commercial  42% 58%
Retail Jobs 40% 60%
Multi-Family Ext.  40% 60%
Resid. Exterior  39% 61%
Multi-Family Interior  38% 62%
Hotel Jobs  34% 66%
Restaurant Jobs  33% 67%
Res. Interior  29% 71%

When looking at what materials contractors are buying now, the top two categories are “everything” and “nothing.” Is that a contradiction? Not really. It reflects the fact that while most contractors continue to work – and some report no change in levels – some contractors have ceased operations, either by choice or edict.

Top Product Categories Contractors Are Buying
1. No Change (buying all categories)
2. Not Buying
3. PPE
4. Cleaning/Disinfecting

Looking for insights on what the future holds? Your fellow contractors offered the following predictions on the painting "new normal" in the near and long term:
– Continued, long-term restrictions on interior work, with smaller crews and increased PPE requirements.
– Moving forward, perhaps less professional contractors will gravitate to exterior work, leaving more professional contractors to tackle increasingly complicated interiors.
– Continued slow-down through the summer, followed by significant increase by the fall.

Help us keep this going by completing this week’s survey!

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