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COVID-19 Week 7

7 May, 2020

COVID Beatdown on Painting Continues

We’re into Week 7 of APC’s COVID Survey, and not much is changing. No question, contractors and their industry continue to suffer through reduced revenue.

Is Revenue Up, Down or the Same?

Down.............. 69%
No Change..... 17%
Up.................. 14%

But our weekly survey (with data collected April 30-May 6) also reveals that contractors are eager to get back to work, and more importantly, ready to adapt to whatever new normal comes their way.

  • Only 9% of respondents anticipate a return to normal.
  • Rather, half of respondents expect a new normal marked by more restrictions on the jobsite, more staggered schedules among trades, greater physical distancing among workers, and greatly increased use of PPE equipment and jobsite cleaning practices.

APC would love to hear your thoughts, too – complete our new survey here.

What passes for good news is this: painting continues. And here are the sectors where contractors report revenue is holding steady, and in some cases even ticking up a bit:

Sector Increase/No Change Decrease
School Jobs 53% 47%
Gov't Jobs 50% 50%
Retail Jobs 47% 53%
Other Commercial 45% 55%
Healthcare Jobs 44% 56%
Multi-Family Ext 43% 57%
New Construction Comm 39% 61%
Resid. Exterior 39% 61%
New Construction Resid 35% 65%
Hotel Jobs 22% 78%
Multi-Family Interior 20% 80%
Restaurant Jobs 19% 81%
Res. Interior 18% 82%
Entertainment Jobs 14% 86%

The education sector holds the top spot for a 4th straight week.


Let’s end with some insight. People may not be able to stop a hurricane, but they can certainly choose how they respond. Many contractors in our survey are embracing new methods, new services and new directions, such as:

  • Virtual estimates and digital marketing
  • Greater focus on decks, pressure washing, cleaning and disinfecting services

Tell us about your plans by completing this week’s survey!

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