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OSHAs Top Nine Fines in Q4 2020

9 February, 2021

OSHA publishes its annual list of the categories with the most violations cited, but it also shares the individual fines it slaps on companies that violate its rules. It’s a warning for business owners to seriously consider the safety of their employees; unfortunately, some of these companies are cited for violations that resulted in the death of their workers. Many workers have complained that OSHA has been lax on enforcing its safety rules in recent years, but reports indicate that that’s about to change. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest! Fall protection figures in many of these fines. The top proposed fines – some still being contested – are as follows:

  1. A company that manufactures precast concrete panels was fined over $451,000 because a worker died due to getting his head crushed in a slamming door. The company, cited for ten serious and five willful violations, is contesting.
  2. A painting company is getting tabbed for close to $300,000 for exposing its workers to methylene chloride and violating lead safety standards. This company is also contesting.
  3. A roofing company that failed to provide adequate fall protection is being fined approximately $237,000. OSHA cited three willful violations.
  4. A Houston construction company was originally fined close to $225,000 when a worker died in a sewer accident. The company negotiated the fine down to $90,000 along with the removal of some of the violations from the complaint.
  5. A building company, investigated by a state OSH organization, was fined $193,100 for ten serious violations and two willful violations, including having employees wear proper PPE and training them in fall protection procedures.
  6. An interiors company was initially fined over $141,000 but negotiated down to $75,000. One of its workers were killed when a steel truss collapsed and hit his head.
  7. Three employees at an industrial insulation and coatings company fell 40 feet while installing metal sheeting. The company was fined over $140,000. Violations included failure to follow regulations regarding material handling equipment and failure to provide adequate fall protection.
  8. A company in New York state is contesting an over $138,000 fine, where violations cited include failure to install a handrail for certain stairways as required; and failure to protect employees working at heights of 6 feet or higher.
  9. A building company was originally fined $122,794 for, among other things, failing to abide by safety regulations for those that find themselves working under a suspended load. The fine was negotiated down to $80,000.

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