October 8th, 2020
City vs. Contractor: Who’s right?
A legal battle is taking off between a city and company. The city believes the business is not actually a Disadvantaged Business Entity as they claim. Who's in the right? Here's all the details...
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APC Contractor Tech Fest
Coming Soon...The First Ever APC Show! What could it be? A reality show? ("The Real Contractors of APC") Cooking show? ("Diners, Dropcloths and Dry Times") Talk Show? ("Meet the APC Press?") No. Even Better -- the first Contractor Tech Fest
Jobsite of the Week: Fields of Gold
This week's jobsite comes to us from Chewelah Painting. The job... a farm just south of Harrington, WA. Pull on your work boots and checkout the jobsite past the link... Oh and if you'd like to be considered for jobsite of the week, comment photos of your work on our Saturday Facebook post!
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Mission: Vacation Ep8 Staffing
Mission: Vacation episode 8. Eric reviews how recent staffing changes have impacted All-Ways Painting. When it comes to staffing, do you value continuity over progress? That may be understandable, but it's unwise. Be bold and listen to the podcast crew take a hard look at hiring...and firing. Sponsored by SandboxZero Consulting
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Pro Tip: Facebook Ads vs. Post Boosts
This week's Pro Tip comes to us from David Chism of A David Creation. Learn the difference between Facebook ads and post boosts, and how they can improve your reach on Facebook and Instagram.
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