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December 22nd, 2020
Home Depot Fined nearly $21 million in RRP violations
Home Depot’s lax compliance with the EPA’s RRP rule meant uncertified contractors were sent into facilities that required lead-safe practices. Now the home improvement giant must be extra-diligent going forward ?" and pay a record fine under the Toxic Substances Control Act.
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What to Pay The Painter
We're taking a look back on our wages article from earlier this year... If there’s one thing you can count on, it's the government for its data. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, so read on to learn how painters’ wages vary across the country - from living large in Duluth to not so much in Miami.
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Simplify Color Selection
You’re relying on technology more than ever today, incorporating tools that make working safe, simple, and efficient. Datacolor ColorReader simplifies paint color selection, making job turnarounds much more seamless. Save up to $60 today!
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Jobsite of the Week: Exterior Work in Dec
Found that info from last week! Jobsite of the Week goes to Brassberrys Painting! Learn about the job past the link. Submit the view from your jobsite in the comments on our Saturday morning post...
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Mission: Vacation - Binge The Season!
Mission: Vacation season 2 is over and Eric Craine of All-Ways Painting has come out on top. How did he get there? You'll need to listen and read to find out. Learn how & what processes he put in place to take himself out of the hourglass past the link... Also, there's still a Graco sprayer up to win! Listen to the Paint Radio episodes, read the articles and collect the 19 codewords. Each codeword gives you 1 entry!
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Carry Your Tools Like A Pro
Your tools are expensive and deserve to be well kept and organized. That's where a paint specific backpack comes in handy. The Purdy backpack is designed to keep your tools organized and safe to and from jobsites. Sponsored by Purdy
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