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TOP JOB Profile: Specialty Finishes

Dec 08, 2022

Listen in on the challenges and solutions involved in this massive and complex job at the Center for...

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TOP JOB Profile: 360 Ladders

Nov 15, 2022

Tom Henman discusses the challenges and solutions behind this TOP JOB project gilding a helix in the...

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Upskilling Your Painters

May 19, 2022

There is no limit to what a painter can create... and what they can make. If you are looking for car...

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Decorative Painting Trends

Jan 05, 2022

Should you add decorative painting to your product mix? Learn about the benefits to offering decorat...

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How TOP JOB Impacts your Business

Dec 16, 2021

Beth Warnecke reviews how winning TOP JOB has increased business and reviews the job that won!

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Decorative Finishes

Nov 18, 2020

Hear the latest decorative finishing trends and how your relationships with designers c...

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Lifestyles of the Prepped and Finished with Eddy Gonzales and Cheryl Gorham

Mar 05, 2019

Eddy Gonzales and Cheryl Gorham of Finishes Unlimited talk about working with your spouse, building ...

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