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W-2 vs. Subcontractors

May 31, 2024

Two painting contractors from Michigan, each with very different opinions on the issue of subcontrac...

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Operations at 40+ Employees

Dec 15, 2023

  Our Operating series continues with a fascinating discussion about running a business with...

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Build a Manager's Mindset

Sep 07, 2023

Call it whatever you want -- mindfulness, mindset, emotional intelligence, the warm fuzzies -- but a...

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Better Crew Management

Aug 30, 2023

Hear how one contractor keeps better track of work flow and crews... without visiting the job sites....

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Training for Challenges

May 17, 2023

Brian Nolan from Nolan Consulting is back. We are talking about exercises that help you build your “...

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What Dogs Teach Us About Leadership

Apr 12, 2023

We’re trying something a little bit different this week. Leadership lessons can come from anywhere. ...

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Women in Painting

Mar 29, 2023

We discuss some of the highlights of our March issue that focused on Women in Paint. Corrie Leister ...

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Operations at 20-40 Employees

Feb 01, 2023

Need a pep talk? Some inspiration?John Busick, Chad Jeffries Jason Phillips, and Nick Slavik discuss...

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Choosing a Consultant

Jan 18, 2023

They come in all types and backgrounds: consultants. Ever wonder what you should ask? What your crit...

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A Day in the Life 10-20 Employees

Dec 12, 2022

Ryan Gill, Bill Ferst, and Lacie and Austin Ilsley discuss their day-to-day running a business with ...

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